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September is over...

So September has ended and I just want to share with you all that happened in my little author world.
Writing: Once again another month has passed and the words still elude me. This month I tried to start writing a new novel and only managed to write a measly 1,604 words. I really don't know what has happened with my writing. I remember a time when 1,604 words were a warm up!
Hopefully October will bring new life to my fingers.
Books: This month I decide to start back and try to do the whole "marketing" thing again. 
First off, I dropped Love's Curse to 99p in every market on Amazon kindle. Get your copy here US UK
Then I contact reviewers on Instagram and a few different blogs to see if they would review Aybss.
Here are a list of reviewers that reviewed the book: Hannah May Book Reviews (reviewed in August) gave Abyss 3 Stars. Here is her review.
Sheri (reviewed in August) gave Abyss 5 Stars. Here is her review.
Lauren gave Abyss 4 Stars. Here is her review.
My friend a…

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